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Is Yerba Mate healthy?

two girls drinking milonga yerba mate

In the pandemic context that we live in, Yerba Mate is the ideal companion. Not only because we spend more time alone or indoors than before, but because being healthy is more important than ever. Do you already know the benefits of consuming Yerba regularly? Some of them are:   It is a powerful antioxidant […]

Entrevista sobre nuestra Yerba Mate Milonga

Como venimos contándoles en post anteriores, en Milonga consideramos de suma importancia ser conscientes con respecto a nuestros consumos alimenticios. Para esto, los medios de comunicación han tenido un rol fundamental, proporcionando información con la que —hasta hace poco— no contábamos. Aprovechando esto, desde Milonga asumimos la misión y compromiso de concientización respecto a los […]

How to properly clean the bombilla of your mate

The bombilla is one of the utensils that needs the most attention because it can contain traces of yerba, sugars and other impurities. Especially in these pandemic times, it is essential to wash the bombilla to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As a general rule, it is necessary to take into account the scraping of solid residues, […]

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