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We arrived in Germany with our first shipment to the EU

Alles gut! Here in Milonga we are celebrating. We arrived in Germany with our first shipment to the EU, more precisely to Berlin, thanks to Gabriela who is as passionate about Mate as we are. She is spreading our culture in her city, and you can visit her website and contact her at 🇦🇷 […]

Mate licuado, aprende a prepararlo con Milonga Yerba Mate / Liquefied mate how to do it.

Summer Mate is innovation, it is encouraging to discover new things. I discovered this recipe to beat the heat: IceStrawberries, peaches, mintHerbWaterSugar / sweetener (cn) Steps: In a French press, place yerba and infuse with cold water. In a blender, place peaches, strawberries, ice, sugar and the infusion. Liquefy. Serve in a glass. Decorate with […]

Yerba Mate – ¿Cuáles son sus propiedades? – What are its properties?

El mate es un potente antioxidante, fuente de vitaminas, minerales y también ayuda a reducir el colesterol malo. Los principales beneficios del mate son: Potente antioxidante El mate cebado caliente (forma de consumo más popular) contiene un 90% de antioxidante más que el té verde. Las infusiones de yerba mate, principalmente el mate tradicional cebado, poseen un gran poder antioxidante debido […]

CBD- my favorite products & top benefits

Hello & Welcome back to another blog post.Today I’m going to chat about something near and dear to my heart…CBD. What exactly is “CBD“? CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis flower. It is known to be a SAFE and NON ADDICTIVE substance. It is NOT marijuana AKA pot AKA weed…Because it does not contain THC, so […]