Yerba Mate
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How to know if the Yerba Mate is of good quality or not

a girl serving hoy water in a mate gourd with yerba mate
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“First of all, we take into account the visual part, that is, that it has no defects. It must be a quality herb, without black spots, perhaps due to poor dryness, nor many crushed sticks, which takes away from quality. Then, the taste part, considering that in the taste buds we feel the sweet sensation on the tip of the tongue, the acid and salty taste on the sides, and the bitter at the end. To this is added the typical flavors of Yerba Mate: notes of dry grass, brown sugar, and mineral notes that come from the red earth of the area. After trying several mates, the mate is brought up to the nose and covered with one of the hands where the Yerba Mate is wet. This allows us to detect the aromas of Yerba Mate ”.

Smell 👃🏼: the aroma

View 👁️: the color

Taste 👅: the flavor

Touch ✋🏼: the texture

Milonga loose leaf package in a rock




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