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Yerba Mate powder: myths and truth

a milonga package of loose leaf
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"Is an extremely virtuous component that Yerba Mate must have because it provides foaminess, durability and aroma. Powder is often confused with dust; sometimes the dust is what results from the splinter of the stick. That is, from a Yerba Mate leaf that is not completely clean or from the excess of the grinding that occurs due to handling”.

mate gourd with yerba mate, a package of Milonga Mate and a matera

When is powder good?

“All the components must be mixed so that they are not left in the package by the effect of gravity. So, to make it more uniform, it is convenient to mix them in the package”.

When is it bad?

"In order for Yerba Mate to be virtuous, it has to have leaf powder. It is a necessary component that provides many interesting balancing characteristics”.

How about Yerba Mate Milonga?

a hand holding a mate gourd




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