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How to know if the Yerba Mate is of good quality or not

a girl serving hoy water in a mate gourd with yerba mate

We love to drink Yerba Mate (obviously), and if you are here reading this, you probably do too. However, do you think you could differentiate high quality Yerba mate from a bad quality one? Do you know what you would have to detect to know this?  We have told you in previous posts about the […]

Yerba Mate powder: myths and truth

a milonga package of loose leaf

As we spoke about in previous posts, Yerba Mate is usually consisted of 3 main components: the leaf, the stem (or stick), and the powder. Much has been said about Yerba Mate powder. Many times on social media and different blogs on the web, the health impact of Mate powder has been questioned. For this […]

How much caffeine does Yerba Mate have?

game pieces ordered saying "caffeine"

Ever wonder where the energizing effect of drinking Yerba Mate comes from? Previously, we believed that Yerba Mate had an energizing compound similar to caffeine, but not the same; because it was called “mateine.” However, research from the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (Unicen) concluded that mateíne does not exist. […]

Is Yerba Mate healthy?

two girls drinking milonga yerba mate

In the pandemic context that we live in, Yerba Mate is the ideal companion. Not only because we spend more time alone or indoors than before, but because being healthy is more important than ever. Do you already know the benefits of consuming Yerba regularly? Some of them are:   It is a powerful antioxidant […]

Milonga everywhere: Miami Beach Polo World Cup, USA CBD Expo Atlanta & Aventura’s First Outdoor Farmer’s Market

Milonga yerba mate in a event of Polo

Did you ever wonder what “Milonga” means? A milonga is a music subgenre that was founded in the Rio de la Plata area of Argentina. The name was chosen because a milonga is a fast-paced tango, exciting to watch and tempting to join. If you’re feeling in-sync with the music!The milonga, understood as an event […]

Yerba mate: how to flip it and why

To be a great “matero” it is necessary to manage the optimal techniques to make the most of the yerba. This implies managing to drink a greater amount of mate while maintaining a long-lasting flavor. Indeed, one of the maneuvers of a great matero is to flip the yerba. Why do we do this? To move the […]

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