Milonga Mate w/ CBD 1 lb Starter Pack Bundle

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Grab this great bundle that contains our world-famous 1 lb (453 grams) of organic yerba mate mixed with 25 mg of CBD per serving. One of the most versatile drinks on the planet and can be prepared several different ways!
Along with a perfect mate & bombilla for starters who are just becoming “materos” and want to indulge in the culture. This mate gourd comes with an aluminum bombilla.
Feel alert and focused while still having the “inner peace” needed to go about one’s day with our 1 lb bag of organic yerba mate mixed with 25 mg of CBD. Each bag contains 14 servings of 32 grams each serving size.
Most CBD products are not water soluble, therefore only a percentage of the serving size is entering the body.
In Milonga, we use a water soluble solution and test our product brewed as opposed to a dry basis to make sure the consumer is drinking the full serving size of CBD.

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    Our Mate starter pack:
    • BPA Free (Non-toxic plastic, No Bisphenol A, No Phthalates)
    • Easy to remove yerba
    • No curation necessary
    • Does not produce mold or fungus
    • Extremely resistant
    • Very easy to wash
    • Maintains long yerba flavor
    Weight 25 oz

    Narrow, Wide


    Beige, Black, Brown, Lilly, Olive, Orange, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Violet, White, Yellow

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    1 package of Milonga = a planted tree 🌳




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