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Milonga Yerba Mate Review (CBD-Infused!) by Yerbamatelab.com

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A couple of days ago, a yerba mate brand – Milonga – reached out to me on Instagram.

They wanted to partner up.

Usually, I don’t take these requests whether it be on Instagram or email. Why? Because I don’t like to work with just anyone. But I had a good intuition about these guys at Milonga.

milonga yerba mate

They’re the first to offer a revolutionary product that combines the powerful effects of two herbs…

… yerba mate and cannabis (specifically, CBD/cannabidiol).

CBD is an active ingredient found in marijuana but is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you “high”. Rather, as of late, it’s been researched and found to potentially offer a host of health benefits such as pain relief, better sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, and more.

With that said, you can probably imagine how these two herbs work synergistically.

And today, we’re going to cover it all in this review.

Let’s begin…


Surprisingly (but not really), when I opened up my small sampler pack of Milonga, the first thing I was able to smell was weedCannabisMarijuanaSour Diesel. Pungent flower ready to be sparked. If I didn’t know this was yerba mate, I would’ve sworn some random guy on Instagram just illegally shipped me marijuana. But of course, that’s not the case. In fact, the scent of earthy yerba mate still makes it through this notorious smell.

Now to make it clear, the smell isn’t strong enough to spread out the packaging. And besides, if anyone asks what that is, you can just tell them it’s tea.


You know when someone first sees you drinking mate from a gourd and they ask, “What is that? It looks like weed. Is that like liquid weed?” Well, now you can tell them yes with a smirk on your face.

cbd infused yerba mate

Taking my first sip of Milonga was nothing like how I expected. It tastes just how it smells – like weed. I’ll admit, it didn’t give me a good first impression. But as I continued to drink it for the next couple of days, it quickly grew on me. The cannabis taste is still there, but not as prominent. Now, notes of fresh grassmilk, and an overall sweetness make a grand appearance. Its taste reminds me of something in between chimarrão and Uruguayan mate. Grassy, rich, and flavorful. Though not complex in flavor, its straightforward taste satisfies my tastebuds on every sip.

I found Milonga to work well in any temperature. Whether it’s 140ºF or 170ºF, it tastes very much the same.


On the finish, Milonga conjures up slight hints of tobacco and nuts. Unfortunately, the finish is subtle and disappears within 20 seconds. But nonetheless, it’s tasty and pleasant on the palate.


Milonga is a medium-bodied mate. On the first several refills, Milonga produces this smooth creamy concoction that coats the inside of your mouth. A few particles of dust also add to the texture at times. Then as the yerba gets reused more, the mate loses its graininess and body and becomes a watery brew. There’s nothing sharp or astringent about this brand and I love it. In fact, it actually feels more hydrating than the opposite.


milonga mate

Milonga features an Uruguayan-like cut. Leaves are uniform and finely-cut with minimal stems in the mix. The palos are thin and barely visible. And dust content is above average. Overall, this blend is mostly leaves and dust. When preparing, the powder leaves a strong imprint on your palm and holds the mountain of mate firmly together.

For the best results, I’d recommend a good spoon bombilla for clean filtration. Other types will be more susceptible to clogging.


When drinking Milonga, I was shocked to find that I only had a few drops of water left in my thermos without my gourd even losing all its flavor yet. This brand has a long cycle and can easily last more than a liter of water. This is perfect because with the combined effects of yerba mate and CBD, I can get the most out each gourd.


This is the part I was most excited about. And what all you guys are probably wondering.

How does this CBD-infused yerba mate feel?

Well, for those not in know, it does not make you “high” or anything like it. It actually feels the same as any other mate. You still get that big boost in focusconcentration, and creativity. However, the difference with Milonga is I experience a much deeper relaxed feeling. Not the sleepy kind, but an intense calm that washes over my body and mind. Never do I get jittery or anxious with this mate. Instead, things feel slower and clearer.

And this is exactly what CBD oil felt like when I used to take it months ago.

I’d consume 1-2 droppers every night before bed to improve my sleep, and sometimes, as a topical treatment for pain relief in my injured right shoulder. And in both instances, it made a big difference. I’d sleep straight through the night with vivid dreams and the pain in my shoulder would almost instantly disappear after application. CBD oil doesn’t always produce noticeable effects upfront though. Its major health benefits are apparent only after taking it for several days or weeks.

So the same is likely with Milonga.

Don’t expect after drinking your first gourd that you’ll feel extremely different. It’s going to take a few sessions before you do. But it’s surely worth the “wait”.

Milonga Yerba Mate Review

milonga yerba mate review

If you ever wanted to dabble in CBD, there’s no better (and more convenient) way to experience its health benefits than by drinking yerba mate like you always do.

Milonga is the first to correctly infuse CBD into yerba mate and they’ve done a fantastic job at that.

In every 350-gram bag is 300mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD includes all the other (100+) cannabinoids found in the plant, along with other vitamins, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids to obtain the maximum health benefits.

Then, to combine it with the healthy powerhouse of yerba mate – can you imagine how great you’ll feel after drinking this?

If you want to give Milonga a try now, they’ve hooked us up with a 10% discount exclusively for our readers. Just click the link below and enter the discount code LAB10 at checkout to save money.

Click Here Now To Try Milonga CBD-Infused Yerba Mate!

P.S. Because they’re a fairly new company, they only produce a limited amount at the moment. So don’t wait until they’re sold out, otherwise, you’ll have to wait even longer. Grab a bag today.

Source: https://www.yerbamatelab.com/milonga-yerba-mate-review/




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