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How to properly clean the bombilla of your mate

The bombilla is one of the utensils that needs the most attention because it can contain traces of yerba, sugars and other impurities. Especially in these pandemic times, it is essential to wash the bombilla to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As a general rule, it is necessary to take into account the scraping of solid residues, […]

Meet Shadi and Ahmad Samer Atassi of Milonga Yerba Mate in Doral

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shadi and Ahmad Samer Atassi. Milonga Yerba Mate is a tree comprised of many roots. Founders Samer and Shadi Atassi decided to create something new. Something unique. Father Samer Atassi was born in the Middle East and migrated to Argentina with his family when he was only one […]

La yerba mate y su origen: la bebida que da vida a Sudamérica

Yerba Mate. Un recipiente usualmente con años de desgaste; lleno de una suerte de pasto verde con un popote de metal incrustado. En Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay el mate es la compañía diaria del solitario y un hábito colectivo. Jocosamente se cataloga como la primera red social. Define la identidad e idiosincrasia de estos tres […]

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