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At Milonga Yerba Mate, we want our message to be simple, transparent, and direct. We want to offer you, the consumer, a product that connects you to the earth and nature around you. As a society, we are forgetting about the essential and purest things of life, letting our body digest dangerous chemicals and hazardous pesticides that do more harm than good.

At milonga, we offer you offer you organically grown and certified Yerba mate leaves from some of the healthiest plantations in all of South America, and choose to mix it with a carefully picked water soluble solution of CBD that gives you the powerful, healthy benefits you are looking for.

Our Story

Milonga Yerba Mate is a tree comprised of many roots. Founders Samer and Shadi Atassi decided to create something new. Something unique.
Father Samer Atassi was born in the Middle East and migrated to Argentina with his family when he was only 1 year old. Growing up in a “matero” society, he was around this ever-growing leaf since he was a toddler but never really indulged in the mate culture. Fast forward a couple years. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, and they migrate to the US.
Fast forward a couple more decades, his son Shadi moves to Argentina to pursue a professional soccer career. Constantly around mate in every locker room, plaza, park, and kitchen in the country, he finds a growing interest in this herbal wonder. His curiosity molds into a passion for yerba mate. One thing leads to another, and before they know it, father & son come up with an idea.
Milonga Yerba Mate is the first yerba mate brand to correctly blend CBD with Yerba Mate. They saw a vision, created the path, and now supply one of the healthiest herbal drinks offered on Earth. It’s a direct connection to Earth, and both it’s yerba mate and CBD benefits give you a product like no other.

Why the name Milonga?

A milonga is a music subgenre that was founded in the Rio de la Plata area of
Argentina, within Buenos Aires and crossing over to Uruguayan land as well. The name was chosen because a milonga is a fast-paced tango, exciting and lively to watch and tempting to join if you’re feeling in-sync with the music. Co-founder Shadi was frequently with his maternal grandparents when they would visit Argentina, and his grandfather Angel would dance and listen to tango regularly, like a true Argentine!

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