What does Yerba Mate taste like?

a hand holding a mate gourd with yerba mate inside

There are things that are difficult to describe accurately. Do you think you would be able to explain the flavor of Yerba Mate? Even if you have tried it, and if you love it as much as we do: could you describe its taste to someone who has never tried it?

Yerba Mate’s flavor is unique and different. It is fresh and has a pleasant bitter touch. But there also are different types of Yerba —that is to say, a variety of flavors—; in relation to the type of “cut” given to the Yerba. The proportions of leaves, stick and powder, better called blends, will influence the flavor, intensity and duration of the Mate. The powder provides consistency and body to the Yerba, and in it provides aroma to achieve the final flavor of a delicious Mate. You can read more about the components here!

Some of the existing types of Yerba Mate are: 

Yerba Mate Milonga (with CBD)

The perfect balance between the taste of cannabis and Yerba Mate. You will also feel alert and focused while still having the “inner peace” needed to go about one’s day. Milonga is a perfect formula to conquer tasks without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the uncertainty of life. Of course, our Yerba contains 0% THC, so you will not feel “high” or experience any hallucinogenic effects. 

Milonga yerba mate package on a rock with a mate gourd holding by a hand

Yerba without sticks (or despalada)

If you like a stronger, longer-lasting Mate with an intense flavor, the option is to drink Yerba Mate without sticks. In the process of grinding this type of Yerba, the composition sought is of 90% leaves and 10% stick. With this type of mixture, we achive a stronger Mate with an intense flavor and a lot of body. 

Yerba with sticks

This one is the traditional one. If we want to enjoy a smooth mate, this is the right option. It is made with stick and powder, which regulate its flavor and make it more stable within all aspects.

Yerba barbacuá

Barbacuá means “toasted” in Guaraní and refers to the slow, rustic, artisanal drying of Yerba, in which the leaves are exposed to the heat of the wood fire for a whole day. In this process, hard woods are used, from mountains, which give it that smoky flavor characteristic of this type of dryness. 

Yerba with herbs

This typically contains herbs such as boldo, linden, chamomile, pennyroyal, or others. Some of these herbs are digestive; and others produce a comforting, relaxing sensation.

The Argentine Food Code says that each package must contain up to 40% aromatic herbs, and the remaining 60% must contain Yerba Mate. 

Flavored Mate

If you do not like bitter and intense Mates, this Yerba is perfect for you. This variety is made with natural essences and flavors that go from citrus (grapefruit, lemon, orange) to exotic ones, such as berries and tropical fruits.

Yerba for tereré

Tereré is a typical drink from Paraguay and the Argentine coast. People drink cold water or natural juices, with a Yerba that has lower dust content. For its preparation, Yerba Mate is used with a coarser grind (because, if we use traditional Yerba, it is likely that the combination of cold water with powder will obstruct the bombilla).

Organic yerba mate

People take care for the environment into account for its preparation: the use of agrochemicals is avoided. Also, it has no acidity, and its taste is uniform, persistent, although delicate.

Our CBD Yerba Mate is also organic 😉.

milonga yerba mate loose leaf

So, in case you haven’t tried Yerba Mate yet, now you know what to expect when you do. There are many reasons for doing so and you can read them in other posts on our blog (by clicking here!).

Also, remember to tell us what you think of ours when you try it! We are looking forward to your messages on instagram & review on our website or our Amazon page 🙂.

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