Is Yerba Mate healthy?

two girls drinking milonga yerba mate

In the pandemic context that we live in, Yerba Mate is the ideal companion. Not only because we spend more time alone or indoors than before, but because being healthy is more important than ever.
Do you already know the benefits of consuming Yerba regularly? Some of them are:


  • It is a powerful antioxidant (Yerba Mate contains 60% more antioxidants than green tea).

  • It is a great nutritional supplement (in fact, Yerba Mate meets all the requirements to be considered a superfood because it is a great source of vitamins and minerals).

  • Generates a natural energizing effect.

  • It is digestive.

  • Helps lower bad cholesterol and improve pressure levels.

  • It is a great ally in the prevention of certain diseases (such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, for example).

  • It helps maintain a healthy weight (although we must combine it with regular physical exercise and a good rest, of course).

  • Helps maintain a strong immune system.

  • It is antidepressant (since it helps by providing the necessary boost for the tasks of the day thanks to its caffeine content).

We have talked about these benefits in previous posts (you can read about them here). So, you are correct! Drinking Mate is undoubtedly a healthy habit. However, we also want to tell you about some things to keep in mind when doing so. Although from Milonga we recommend drinking Mate regularly, we also recommend that you do so avoiding some issues:

Drinking Yerba Mate late

It is recommended to avoid its intake before going to sleep due to the presence of stimulating substances in Yerba Mate, such as xanthines. Mateine also has properties similar to caffeine (both increase energy). However, this does not apply to our Yerba Mate. Why? Because we are the first brand to correctly mix CBD with Yerba Mate. And —thanks to this— our  consumers can drink Milonga and feel energized while still feeling relaxed.

mate gourd with yerba mate

Exceeding the water temperature

In addition to being a decisive factor when it comes to drinking a good Mate and preserving its flavor, it is key when it comes to taking care of our body. When we prepare Yerba Mate, boiling the water or heating it to an excessive temperature will only generate lesions in the digestive mucosa; the first immunological barrier that we have against microorganisms and other external agents. This is why, to drink a delicious healthy Yerba Mate, we recommend that you heat the water between 158 to 176 ° F.

typical argentinian kitchen

Sharing the mate gourd in this pandemic times


Yes, drinking Yerba Mate is a healthy habit, but in this context of a pandemic the best way to take care of yourself is to take certain precautions:
  • Do not share the mate gourd.
  •  Sanitize the utensils you use to drink Mate (read about it here).

  •  Wash your hands and your equipment frequently (we explain how here).

two friends with a mate gourd and a package of milonga yerba mate


Knowledge is power. We believe that it is important to know what we are consuming, and how to consume it. So now you know when and how to drink Yerba Mate, but above all, that it is very healthy to drink it too!

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