Milonga everywhere: Miami Beach Polo World Cup, USA CBD Expo Atlanta & Aventura’s First Outdoor Farmer’s Market

Milonga yerba mate in a event of Polo

Did you ever wonder what "Milonga" means?

A milonga is a music subgenre that was founded in the Rio de la Plata area of Argentina. The name was chosen because a milonga is a fast-paced tango, exciting to watch and tempting to join. If you’re feeling in-sync with the music!
The milonga, understood as an event in which tango and milonga are danced indistinctly; is usually located in the hall of a club (in Argentine culture, social and sports clubs are widely spread). The co-founder of Milonga Yerba Mate also picked the name because of his grandfather, Angel; who danced milongas very frequently when tango was the new fad & impressed anyone who would watch him break moves.
As good milongueros that we are, we wanted to take Milonga everywhere, anywhere. That is why we want to tell you about some events we were in, and others where we are going to be.

Miami Beach Polo World Cup 2021 🐎

The Miami Beach Polo World Cup went by this May on the sands of South Beach. What did we see? Matches, international teams, some of the best polo players in the world, and about 100 horses. Also, lots of booths. Among them, ours!
Getting to show Milonga to everyone there was a beautiful experience. As we have been telling you, it is important for us to extend our love for Yerba Mate and a healthy-sustainable way of life.
The truth is that we didn’t know much about polo before the event, but it was a great learning experience. We enjoyed it so much and recommend it too. Maybe from now on we even found a new hobby!

The Milonga's Family

USA CBD Expo Atlanta 2021 🌱

There’s more Milonga to come. On June 11, 12 and 13, we’ll be attending the USA CBD Expo! The nation’s largest CBD & Hemp conference, where you can learn which CBD products will work for your unique needs. In here, you will find more than 300 vendors (with CBD themed booths such as skincare products, candies, oils, etc), seminars and more.
We also have free tickets for you! You can get your code for free access here. (If not, the tickets costs USD$10!).

Aventura’s First Outdoor Farmer’s Market June 5-6 🥥

We have another event we are attending this June 2021. Aventura’s First Outdoor Farmer’s Market is a curated collection of Miami’s local vendors and artisans. Ideally situated between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and with more than 80 local vendors, crafts, artisans, and baked goods; this farmer’s market is a must-see.
We will be taking our Yerba Mate, Keurig Cup Capsules, Mate Gourds, and more. But the Aventura Farmers Market also presents a wide variety of exotic foods, fresh produce, desserts, handmade products, accessories and home décor. Do not miss it!

We hope to see you there so you can try our unique CBD infused organic Yerba Mate along with all of the other things we have to offer.
See you soon!

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