How to prevent or remove fungi from mate

Humidity is treacherous, especially when it occurs in the storage of our mates made of calabash (traditional way) or wood. It leads to the formation of white fungi (that comes in the form of a white fluff). Its appearance is due to the incorrect drying of the mate after it was used, or if the yerba was left inside the gourd for more than a day in a humid environment. If it has fungus, it is necessary to stop using the mate momentarily because it can make you feel sick. Nevertheless, with these few steps you can remove the fungi and continue to use once they disappear. 

First, you have to pay attention not to confuse the green spots that appear in the mate with fungi. The green leaves of the yerba leave a dark green tint, and some gourds absorb more tint than others. That is completely normal! Also, don’t forget that in order not to develop fungi, your gourd must be properly dried.

How do you know if your mate has fungus?

The fungus begins to appear as a small white fluff.

How to prevent them from forming?

To prevent them, let’s keep in mind that sunlight is the fungus’s worst enemy. But the secret is to avoid humidity and properly dry the mate after each use.

How do you remove them?

There are several ways to eliminate the fungus in your mate. The one we recommend consists in:

Moisten the inside of the calabash with ethyl alcohol.

Light it with a match. You must be very careful and cautious and —once turned on— leave it for a maximum of five to ten seconds. Thus, with the fire we will burn any bacteria that we have not removed with the washing.

● After doing this process, we can scrape the affected parts with a spoon.

Fill it with water to remove the remains & let the mate rest for a few hours outdoors or in the sun.

That’s it! you have got rid of the fungi.

 Remember that the dark green color inside the mate is part of the calabash’s curing process. To keep your mate in good condition, you just need to wash and dry it well after each use and not leave it exposed to moisture.

Leaving already?

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