Milonga: the values behind our yerba mate

We are in a moment where, for the first time in a long time, we are requested to stop. We got off our routines and external noise that made it impossible for us to stop & spend more time at home. As a result, other possibilities open up: we have time to rethink what we are feeling and needing.

For instance, how much do we wonder about what we consume? Do we even know what are we putting into our body every time we eat or drink? Generally, many people around the world are conscious of the importance of maintaining a conscious diet, but are not exactly sure about every detail of what their body is absorbing. The society we have built has forgotten about the essential and purest things of life. We’re letting our body digest dangerous chemicals and pesticides that do more harm than good.

The values of Milonga yerba mate:

Meanwhile, at Milonga we offer you organically grown and certified yerba mate leaves from the healthiest plantations in Southern America. We also choose to mix it with a carefully picked CBD full spectrum extract that gives you the powerful, healthy benefits you are looking for. Our organic yerba lets you feel alert and focused while still having that inner peace needed to go about one’s day.

We know it is important for your mental and physical health to take the time to slow down and listen to ourselves, how we feel and what we need. Learn to breathe, relax and accept the challenge of being present and enjoying.

But, in order to do this, it is necessary to have something that brings us closer again with what is essential, with our mother nature. Above all, we believe in the importance of connecting with something bigger than us: the earth and nature around you. Therefore we supply one of the healthiest herbal drinks offered on the market. It’s a direct connection to Earth, while enjoying a delicious drink that’s good for your health. Perfect win-win.

In conclusion, our yerba sits well with all of its consumers because it is natural, safe and free of any harsh chemicals or additives. Our way of growing is completely free of pesticides, respecting nature and caring for the entire process of product development. Milonga is a family with a vision: to extend our love for mate and a healthy-sustainable way of life.

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