Components of yerba mate and WHY it’s so GOOD

How much do we know about Yerba Mate?

We start the day drinking mate. We drink it alone, with friends and family, in our homes and outside as well. But how much do we know about it?

Did you know, for example, the instances through which the yerba that we love and consume so much passes? In order for us to have our package at home, it was first necessary to harvest the yerba mate. Then, the leaves were selected, applied heat (dried in ovens) and stored. Finally, they are subjected to the grinding and packaging process.

But in Milonga we consider it important to practice mindful consumption, and we want to tell you more. Did you also know that yerba mate is made of four components?


The INYM (National Institute of Yerba Mate) says that yerba mate should contain no less than 65% dried, broken or pulverized leaves (powder) and no more than 35% stick.

The components of yerba mate:

  • The powder comes from the very finely cut yerba leaves, and provides intensity and durability to our mate. The purpose of cutting it so finely is that in this way, when the yerba powder comes into contact with the water, the components of the leaf come out into the infusion much more than if the leaf were large. In other words, it gives strength and flavor characteristics to our mate, and increases the passage of antioxidant compounds that generate benefits for our health (drinking mate helps in the prevention of cancer, the appearance of diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases).
  • The fine leaf and the thick leaf are part of the milling (shaking, crushing and mixing operations of the yerba), which defines the quality and flavor of it.
  • The stick also defines the quality of the yerba according to its cut and size.

In Milonga Yerba Mate, we carefully pick our blend to find just the right balance between intensity and smoothness.

We choose finely ground leaves, with medium to low amounts of powder and very few amounts of sticks. This way, the organic Yerba mate we use is enjoyed at its maximum potential.

The quality of the yerba is then defined according to the amount of each of its components mixed. If we use more of one than the other, we will alter and modify its flavor. Another detail is the geographical origin of the yerba mate plant (Argentina is the main producer worldwide).

Now that you know this, don’t forget to shake the package to mix all the components of the yerba mate before drinking it. You’re now ready to enjoy some delicious mates!

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