How to matear in quarantine?

2020 welcomed us with a pandemic that forced us to change some habits, but —fortunately— not all of them. We learned a lot about alcohol, bleach and hand sanitisers. But we also reconnected with our homes in a way our previous daily routine did not allow us to do.

In this encounter, mate played a very important role, because: is there a better partner than a good mate?

Therefore, and based on the “Matear in times of quarantine” protocol recommended by the INYM (National Institute of Yerba Mate) to drink mate safely in times of COVID, we want to give some recommendations so that you do not interrupt this healthy habit just when we need it the most.



How to matear in quarantine

The first step is always to wash your hands. Then, clean the yerba package with a clean cloth and 70% alcohol (diluting it with 30% water) or diluted bleach (1 tablespoon – 15 cm³ – per 5 liters of water). It is advisable to transfer the yerba from the package to an hermetic, disinfected recipient.

Always keep the cupboard clean (which is where we keep the yerba since it does not require refrigeration). It is also recommended that it be a cool, ventilated and humidity-free place.

Once you’ve followed these steps, continue to place the yerba inside the mate. Now, cover it with the palm of your hand. From the upper end, turn it over and shake it vigorously for a few moments. This will allow us to mix well the components of the yerba, especially its powder. After returning it to its initial positionplace water in the kettle (or electric kettle). Don’t let it boil (the recommended temperature is 158 to 176 ° F). Then, put the water in the thermos.

In another container (it can be a cup, for example) pour water at room temperature and add a little of the water that we heated and then pour it into the mate (taking into account not to overflow it: the yerba should not be floating). This allows it not to burn and lose taste.

Next, let the mate rest briefly raising one of its extremities by resting its base on the bombilla.

Finally, insert the bombilla into the wet yerba and pour the hot water. We recommend not moving the bombilla and always sip in the same place. This allows yerba not to get all wet and we’ll be able to enjoy our mate for longer. That ‘s it! now you are ready to drink some delicious mates.

How to clean your matero's kit

In times of COVID, we should also drink from our own mate equipment. And never forget to clean our matero’s kit correctly! For this, it’s necessary to make sure that you:

  • Scrape off any solid residues that may exist in the mate until they are diluted with water.
  • Rinse with non-reused potable water.
  • Disinfect by immersing in hot water (176 ° F) for 1 minute or with bleach (1 tablespoon per 5 liters of water) for 5 minutes.
  • Do not use rags that could be contaminated.
  • Wash your hands before and after.

Ready! Continue creating good and beautiful moments between us, because we are still connected despite everything. Let’s keep sharing mateadas —with the prudent distance, or virtually— with our family and friends, each one with their own mate, light bombilla and thermos. The pandemic will pass, but good customs and habits will remain.

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