We finally are back in stock! Buy Milonga Yerba Mate CBD

It’s been a couple months of a lot of work & finally we can say that we are producing the new batches of Milonga Yerba Mate! Thanks to everyone for their patience while we were finding ways to fulfill orders and expand our brand. We are fully focused in fulfilling every order as fast & reliable as possible with inventory at a larger scale.

When we started this project, we had one goal in mind: share our organic yerba mate culture along with CBD. That’s how we spent the last months. Looking for materials to create an experience few other things can offer & create a product like no other.

Once we finally nailed the objectives & goals we put forth, we began with a relatively small batch. We wanted to see how the public reacts, and the feedback was amazing. And we would have never imagined that our small project could grow to be what it has become and is still becoming, and seeing our brand cross country lines is indescribable.

We began to produce new batches with new technology and more a more modern CBD delivery system. It has always been a beautiful challenge to transmit everyone not only a flavor and taste in Milonga Yerba Mate, but an image and a vision that reaches every single part of the world.

This is a new path that we are so proud to create & learn from every step of the way. The future is bright, and your connection to earth will continue to grow simultaneously with our brand.

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